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      Here is some tricks I have learned from 2 years that I have been on Mesecraft!
      1.) Blue berries are easy to get and farm. And it turns out that you never get tired of eating them!
      2.) Going down ladders can be annoying slow, so a simple trick to make it faster is to unfold your para-glider while you are going down the ladder. This makes you 2 times faster and it makes it 4 times safer too!! However, it does not work going up.
      3.) This one is really just a fun use of hostile mob, but if you attract a demon eye to you, try to get it as low to the ground as possible. Then jump on top of it’s head. Next, keep jumping up and down on top of it’s head and the demon eye will began to go up too! The challenge is then to how high you can get before it catches on to what you are doing! (Only attempt this with Iron armor or better and a para-glider or mushroom spore block


        1.) is kind of a bug that will eventually be fixed.

        2.) is a great tip. Nice!

        3.) Oh that is awesome! I haven’t seen that yet. I love it 😀 Cool


          On the subject of blueberries and other “superfoods” of which you do not get tired of to eat:

          I think that the currently given situation largely bypasses the function of the Diet mod since these blueberries are relatively easy to get from the large blueberry bushes. At least once you know where to find some. On top of that, these blueberries also grow back relatively quickly. So there is little need to provide a diverse diet.

          I could imagine that neutralizing this bug could also have a significant impact on the in-game economy. While more experienced (and usually richer) players might want to concentrate on their big projects and consider buying their food (at least in the meantime), new and less experienced players would have the opportunity to earn their first bucks by growing and/or processing food. (And to be able to afford their first gold ingot and thus the most important ingredient for a protection block). I don’t see the danger that earning money will be too easy, because at least cultivated food needs some time to grow. And then, above all, an interested party must be found for the offered food and a reasonable price level must be found too.

          The agriculture (for example) offers a possibility to learn important basics, like for example to supply oneself with water and food, to get along with the Diet mod and to lie down as a newbie at nightfall better times.

          (See possibly also under Suggestions / Difficulty of Mesecraft).


            Update: Number 3 is no longer possible because of Knock-back!


              Yes Odie I would actually buy food from new or poor players as I live on an island off the coast of a blueberry free pine forest. (Hint: I will buy food from anyone! If it means that I can stop eating melons and fish) I’ll mostly do this as farms to me take a lot of time, and I’m usually spending that time making my self more rich or building huge projects, meaning I don’t have time to cook, farm, or hunt.

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