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    @mesecraft As you are probably aware, people have been asking for mobile storage since day one. Backpacks were considered, however they were too easy, were too cheap, and didn’t drop upon death. Void Chests were finally added, but they are a super late game item and they only store one chest full. This why we need Meseboxes.

    What is the Mesebox mod and additional features.

    “Mesebox” is a mod by johalun and is available on ContentDB. The mod gives you access to a new useful chest: The Mesebox. Meseboxes are mobile chests crafted by 8 planks of any wood type and 1 mese block. Meseboxes can not be locked or protected. To use you place them put in your stuff, and mine the box. It will then drop as the box and you can now carry this wherever you want, and if you want whatever is inside, just place, take, and break. Meseboxes can be dyed and renamed. Base color is yellow. Meseboxes can be broken by hand. No duplication glitches in survival.

    Why add Meseboxes?

    As I said before, people have been wanting this kinda thing for YEARS. Meseboxes also perfectly fit Mesecrafts mese theme, but not only that, it gives mese a better use. Mese is usually only used for things like contraptions and secret doors, however, very few people use it that way. Because of that, no one needs mese, or actually tries to find it, but by adding Meseboxes, it gives people more incentive to try and find mese. Plus, while it only takes 9 mese to make a mese block, which is in the post late game, so people still have too work towards having a Mesebox, and they have to sacrifice an inventory space too carry one, instead of making an extra slot like backpacks do.

    However even if this doesn’t make this into the game, I’m definitely going to use this In my single player Mesecraft world, but I would love to this in the base game and the server.


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    I second the motion, but you may have to add code that prevents placing a mesebox in a mesebox.

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    We talked about it but it really needs to be considered. I’m not familiar with them. I’ll have to check it out on contentDB.

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