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    A long long (Like really really long) time ago, there was a thriving kingdom, called Holanoi (Random name, yup, maybe something like Sari as an Easter egg). Holani was very prosperous, as it was watched over by four wizards who granted the people protection from lightning, good crops, cures for illness, and so on. The kingdom of Holani was watched over by a good king named Ko-mod (Ahem). Ko-mod loved it when the inventers of his court invented new ways to help the people, and one day something happened that would change the kingdom forever. In the mines the miners discovered a strange yellowish gem that had a kinda buzzy feel when you touched it. When an inventor got a hold of one of these specimens, he discovered that it was non other then a source of some kind of power. The inventor used this strange gem, later called mesi, meaning “Gem of power” in their native tongue, to create some basic circuitry and was able to give the people an infinite light source. The king was pleased with the inventor’s actions and dubbed him the royal inventor.

    The royal inventor spent many years experimenting on the mesi¬† and found that when it is combined with a potion of teleportation it can have some magical properties. He then found that by combining these with some other magical elements such as februm, it can have the power to transport items from one place to another. The king quite liked this and asked the royal inventor to make a good practical use out of it, and he did! His invention became known as the King’s Market, letting trade with each other from long distances, helping the economy. (This is entirely a theory and not confirmed! Also this is not all of the theory! There is more later to come!

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