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    On #minetest in IRC, someone (settl3r) was looking for UHC for minetest. They had a very specific idea of what they wanted: They wanted food to not heal you normally, they wanted hunger to manage which would hurt you if you didnt maintain it, they wanted armor to not heal you, and they wanted the YOLO mod.

    It was the work of a few minutes to modify Mesecraft to fit those requirements, and here is the result: MesecraftUHC




    I used Centeria Survival’s version of mesecraft as a base.

    Im posting this in case anyone else is looking for UHC mode for minetest, altho you should note that this is just Centeria’s mesecraft with a few modifications, and any bugs that existed before will be there, and I will not be updating this. So its just a curiosity, I dont actually expect anyone to particularly care about it.



    Can you explain what UHC or YOLO mod are? I’ve heard of neither of those before.


    I really hope we don’t get this in regular Mesecraft, players are already quiting because it’s too hard


    UHC means Ultra Hard Core
    YOLO means You Only Live Once

    I too hope this never gets put into regular mesecraft lol. It was only meant to scratch someone’s UHC itch, thats all.

    BTW, he was amazed that mesecraft had planetary dimensions, thirst, monsters, and more 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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