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    On the last server I had a horse, a pasture surrounded by a fence in Portbarrow and a stable in Ho. The exit of the pasture was secured with protected doors which were built over with stones and the stable was of course a closed building. The following problem arose:
    When I wanted to ride out of my pasture I had to do this slowly in order not to fall off the path behind the pasture. But falling off the path would have meant that the doors to the pasture would have been out of my reach. However, as a rider on a horse, I was 3 blocks up and took damage while with my head in the stone blocks above the doors. In the case of the stable, I was able to prevent this by cutting out the blocks above the doors.
    Some time ago I noticed that there are doors on the Centeria server that are 3 blocks high. Is it conceivable that these can get inserted into the game inventory? Perhaps even as a protected doors?


    It’s possible, but is that the only way to solve this? a new item just for that situation?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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