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    I’ve been considering replacing the soundtrack for surface with a new artist.

    The current one seems to have some fans. It’s a collection of songs by Kevin MacLeod.

    However, I found an artist I like that has some music that is electronic, modern, classical, and relaxing. I think it might serve as a possible replacement. However, I’ve talked to one person about it already and didn’t think the music would fit the game.

    Most of the tracks are creative commons by a musician in the UK named Edward Abela. Give them a listen and let me know your thoughts? If they are not used for surface, they will definitely be used for space.

    I like Edwards tracks because they are melodically and harmonically similar and create a cohesive feeling in the music. I find it adventurous and relaxing. The proposal currently is to put these on the surface and split them into day/night depending on their overall tone. Please let me know what you think.





    March of Honor

    Let Me Go



    Ambient Echo


    Dragons Night

    The Fearful Night


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    Hi Unreal,

    I had to stop working on a detailed response to your music suggestions when bad news reached me. It is possible that I will only be able to work on this response in a limited way for the next 2 weeks or so.
    We will see.

    But I’ll say this much in advance: I think the majority of the music you suggested is suitable for Moon or Mars.

    As mentioned, a more detailed response should follow.

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    OK. I think it is most suitable for the moon / mars too. Thanks. I think that is sufficient for a response.

    I’m really sorry to hear that you’re dealing with some bad news. I hope everything gets better. Everything ok?

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    At the moment, things are going better than expected for me. Unfortunately, that could change in the next few days. I’ll just have to see. But thank you for asking. 🙂

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