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    I was looking into some sound compression and noticed the music is at 80kpbs. I noticed it sounded quite good for that low. From what I read, Ogg sounds better than MP3 at lower bitrates. Cool.

    Here is a helpful tip for audacity from their wiki:

    While MP3 does allow for variable bit rate encoding, generally speaking OGG provides the same quality for a lower filesize compared to MP3, or looked at another way, higher quality for the same filesize.

    These are the nominal bit rates implied for each OGG quality setting:
    Quality Bit rate
    -q0 64 kb/s
    -q1 80 kb/s
    -q2 96 kb/s
    -q3 112 kb/s
    -q4 128 kb/s
    -q5 160 kb/s
    -q6 192 kb/s
    -q7 224 kb/s
    -q8 256 kb/s
    -q9 320 kb/s
    -q10 500 kb/s

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    I just confirmed this during export. Audacity ogg export setting of 1 exports at 80kbps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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