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    MTG is the greatest open source sandbox survival Adventure of all time – An absolute hidden gem

    You nailed it Mesecraft Team  -Best in show on contentDB  by a country mile – Mesecraft is well polished and stable.the new ambience and action sounds  are really immersive the feel of  the controls   slick –  plus a great base item set -The inclusion of dwarf carvarns  is huge  as it needed to be showcased in a pick up and play – the  new Mese structures settlements and villages finally bring us a range of landmarks to explore  -only glaring omission is no fishing kit –

    For the single player i found it a bit sparse in life and content for terraforming  so i started fiddling

    swapped out  SNF for  unified inventory had to override 3d armour added POI and POStool

    Added Technic and techpack   for bigger chests

    Eye candy   added Artdeco Jonaz and castle masonry  for rustic renovation of villages

    not so simple fungi

    Mobs list

    All manner of creeps and weirdos

    Animalia     for  the birds

    Animal world     (best in show )

    awesome monsters

    dmobs      (  for the badger)

    forgotten monsters



    living floatlands

    living nether ???

    mobs animal

    mobs mc

    mobs mine

    native villagers

    not so simple monsters




    water life

    Increased the difficulty and mobs to always spawn-

    loving the monkey army that fights alongside me but they are at  war with the villagers

    more testing and fiddling to be done with the natural balance and factions –

    Welcome  to project Brutal Test

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    Hi @thefluffysavage,

    Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot. Please consider leaving a review of MeseCraft on the Minetest ContentDB, as it’d help the project alot.

    Also, mob tweaks are something that is planned for us to do as well. 🙂

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    Unable to sign up –  had a heads up via  Reddit –  I was just testing what Mesecraft was capable of generating without lag and  it was impressive  – never ran that many mobs before and kept them all up and running  without lagging out    – I will namedrop where i can to get the word out –

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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