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    Protection Blocks

    -Griefer Mobs, that is, mobs that can destroy or change the surrounding area in some way cannot explode protected areas. They can, however, still harm you.

    -While protection blocks can be great for protecting your area, they sometimes ruin the look of your base. However, there is a way to make a protection block completely invisible. All you’ve got to do is stand next to the one you want to “invisibleize” and type the command /protection_hide, this will then make all protection blocks within a certain radius invisible. This does not make them solidless blocks though, so you can make an invisible wall if you have a bunch of them. If you want to make them visible again, type /protection_show. More commands can be seen by typing /help.

    -Beware of griefers, as even with a protection block, your area can still be griefed in some ways. None will be listed here so as to not spread these griefing methods on a public website. If you would like to know these methods to protect your base, please ask Kiopy7 on the official survival server.


    -If you are traveling across a large expanse of water on a boat, pressing “w” for five minutes can get a bit painful. However if you press “w” and “s” at the same time it enables cruise mode and you automatically head forward without pressing “w”, press “s” to disable this or just get off your boat.

    -This is less of something that actually helps but is just for fun. If you place a boat on a flowing water source and then take away the water, the boat remains floating in the air. It must be placed on a flowing water source for this to work and takes a couple of tries to get right. Destroy the boat or get in it and move forward to get it down.

    -Similar to the last trick, if you place a boat underwater it just remains there until you get into and move forward, in-which by doing so you’ll get lasted up to the surface extremely fast. It can actually be useful unlike the last one if you are far underwater, just know that it still takes a bit of time to get up to the surface but is faster than normally swimming.

    -Boats actually have a solid hitbox, meaning you can walk on them. This means, if you get enough wood and patience, you can create an entire bridge out of them.


    -Material based enemies, such as Sand Men, Dirt Men, and Rock Men take more damage from the tool that fits its respective material. For example, Dirt Men take more damage from shovels, while Rock Men take more damage from pickaxes.

    -Most mobs take damage in water because they suck at swimming, meaning if you are being chased by a zombie, head for water, as it slows them down, and slowly kills them…just beware of the crocs and sharks.

    -Deer are extremely near-sighted for some reason and cannot see when a cliff is coming so they walk off it and die. This means that if you live underneath a floating island that is close to the ground and is located in the Pinewood biome, you can basically get meat raining from the sky, not cats and dogs but it works.

    -Kangaroos and Crocodiles give the most amount of meat and leather than any other mob, giving anywhere from nine to twelve raw meat.

    -Rotten Flesh, obtained from zombies, is edible and surprisingly has no negative effects, except for the fact that you are basically eating someone’s flesh, even if it is rotting. Most goo obtained from slimes is also edible, with some having good effects, some bad, and some killing you instantly, so choose carefully.

    (There are a ton more tips and tricks but I think I’m going to put them in a part two)

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