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      My child recently stumbled upon a fatal error where the game crashes upon launch:

      AsyncErr: Lua: Runtime error from mod ‘slimes’ in callback luaentity_Step(): ….minetest/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/mobs_redo/api.lua:465: attempt to call field ‘set_animation’ (a nil value)
      stack traceback:
      ….minetest/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/mobs_redo/api.lua:465: in function ‘set_animation’
      …test/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/slimes/slimes/uber.lua:225: in function ‘uber_slime_anim’
      …test/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/slimes/slimes/uber.lua:89: in function ‘do_custom’
      ….minetest/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/mobs_redo/api.lua:3537: in function <….minetest/games/mesecraft/mods/MODULES/mobs_redo/api.lua:3429>

      Unfortunately the child isn’t of age to be able to explain how this bug happened, so I couldn’t tell you how to reproduce it.

      On the other hand it was rather easy to fix (just change mobs.set_animation(ent, “move”) to mobs:set_animation(ent, “move”)  at line 225 in slimes/uber.lua) but I figured I’d share here.

      Thank you for a great game!

      PS: probably irrelevant, but that’s Minetest 5.7 on Elementary OS 5 (Linux 5.4.0-150-generic kernel).

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