Stability Update: DFCaverns, Commodity Markets, and more.

There was a quick hotpatch for MeseCraft that aims to fix the following game crashes:

Commodity Market: Removed icons because they were crashing on the 3D nodes for the drinks mod (juice press and silo). This is sort of a quick hotfix workaround until the core problem can be resolved. This removes icons for items in the market but also removes the issue crashing the game.

DFCaverns: There have been a few occurrences of players crashing the server/game when underground. This is a known bug with dfcaverns and subterrane that was fixed by FaceDeer earlier this month.  The patch has now been added to MeseCraft to prevent this from happening. Reference

Halloween Ghosts: have been boosted in number so they appear much more during the Halloween seasonal event.

MeseCraft Television: Previously, maintainers on the ContentDB complained that MeseCraft was using non-commercial Creative Commons assets found in the xdecor mod. This was not true. However, MeseCraft was using a modified and trimmed version of xdecor mod. To sidestep and meet the requirements of contentDB, some of the xdecor items were merged into new original MeseCraft modules: mesecraft_television, and mesecraft_mailbox. The goal for these modules moving forward is to add more functionality to each. The TV has new textures that are work in progress.

Feel free to test the new update and report any bugs you find.

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