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    Hello all who may read this,

    Me and a friend started playing Mesecraft about 3 days ago, and it’s been really great so far, lots of good stuff to say about it (definitely a refreshing experience from Minecraft, which was our go-to game before basically).
    As we played and learned what existed and what didn’t, we felt a bit confused. For example, there are numerous “missing items” present, in crafts often (guns related ones most) but we found one too in the wild.
    I also scanned this forum a bit, and read this : https://www.mesecraft.com/forums/topic/guide-to-mesecraft-how-to-play/ which was kind of helpful, but we’ve basically just came out of the phase where it would have been great to have. I’m all for hands-on, tutorial-less learning, but I feel like some things are missing, and I’m just wondering if this is normal.
    I’ve for example today crafted some “uncooked terracotta base” (I think), which has 0 uses apparently ? The guide tells me nothing, cooking it or making shapes with it does not output anything, so I’m kind of at a loss.

    What I want to ask is, is it normal to dig straight like that for a while ? It’s not exactly fascinating, and it’s already kind of long to climb up the ladder even though we’ve apparently barely scratched the surface.
    I’m just kind of lost, and feeling unsure of what I’m supposed to do ; not that I want a full guide, but just some general idea of what to do and why some items seem to be missing

    Sorry if this kind of unclear, I’m not sure how to phrase it in a better way.


    Welcome to Mesecraft. The admins have made it known that the game is still alpha right now, so that is why there are things that are missing. Guns are one of the main culprits in that area, oil buckets being another. That said, there is a ton of stuff to do. The df caverns are incredible and there are tons of biomes to explore underground. Basically those of us that have been playing for a while trek out somewhere and build a base then dig down into the depths. There are tons of villages to explore if you like surface life and there are floating islands way up in the sky that some of us live on.

    Basically your early game will be spent finding a place to call home, building a base, and establishing a steady food supply. You’ll want to get a decent mine going too. Dig a straight shaft to at least -500, preferably -1000, then expand from there. That’s where the ores become more common.

    Consider Mesecraft part survival, part, exploration, and you’ll never run out of things to see or build. If you see me online say hi and maybe I can help you out more.


    Yes, guns has come up several times. I guess we just need to make a receipe for it involving ingots, basic_materials, and more. I’ve been holding off because it’s a big change to the meta of the combat in the game, but it’s OK. also, i’d like to reskin some of the guns. it just hasnt been a big priority.

    I have just really been short on manpower, had a new member of the family join us recently and they’re a lot of work, but super cute 🙂 I try to get work done here when I can and will get opportunities soon, but in the meantime help is needed. I wasn’t aware of the terracotta issue.

    welcome to mesecraft.com @dogman


    in game guides are welcome. it’d probably be best to have a welcome formspec or a welcome guide that spawns on new players and then work on some of these guides. in game books would probably work fine as long as people can read.

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