Minor update: Helicopters and Android

There has been a minor update to MeseCraft:

  • Music has been removed to allow Android and mobile tablet and phone players to access the game.
  • Buckets have been fixed.
  • A helicopter is now craftable in the game.

Going forward, mobile phones and tablets will be included as a main focus alongside desktop and laptop PC users. However, since these devices typically have lower system memory and CPU requirements, it may move development towards a more conservative approach to using system resources for the game. MeseCraft on Android devices was crashing when loading the main server into the game. Now, Android users should be able to access our servers again. Currently, removing the music mod is a sufficient workaround for this. Music will be re-implemented at a later date. In the current, this should also provide substantially shorter loading times for all users when connecting to the servers.

The latest update is now available in the stable and testing branches and servers of MeseCraft.

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