New “Unstable” Branch of MeseCraft

There have been some changes on the development cycle of MeseCraft.

There are now three branches in our git repository. I will break them down for you:

unstable: This is a rolling version of MeseCraft. All of the latest changes and inclusions get added here. Things might break in this branch and there will be bugs and unfinished projects. Therefor, this is likely the version that MeseCraft developers will add to.

testing: Once things have settled a bit in the unstable branch, it gets pushed up into the testing branch. Testing branch is meant to have more changes, and mostly be functional. New bugs should be found here and reported. They will get fixed and then once a new release is ready. Having a creative server for the testing branch might expedite the bug discovery process.

master (stable): The main branch that people download. Another term for it could be “stable”. When the bugs in testing are fixed, the release gets pushed into the master (stable) branch. This branch is mainly for players who want a bug-free and stable experience that does not change often. This release may also be ideal for players and server operators who want to keep a world and server stable and long term.

This development cycle is now up and running. It was partially with the purpose of alleviating some of the frustrations that players have expressed about frequent world resets in MeseCraft operated servers. Soon, there may be some more long term MeseCraft servers available for players that don’t care about new features and just want a stable game to enjoy.

It is primarily inspired from the way that the Linux distribution “Debian” operates. The inclusion of release names may be added later. Please feel free to leave your feedback and thoughts on this new scheme.

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    Excellent. 🙂

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    I think I’ll launch a long term support (LTS) server sometime too. That way we can have the best of both worlds 🙂

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